About images.auto_update_cached value

I have checked the images.auto_update_cached value in lxc version 4.6. As stated in the document, the defaut value of this attribute is true. But when I have checked the value, the value is empty/null. Can someone clarify the issue, thanks?
P.S. Even I have set the value to true with the command lxc config set images.auto_update_cached

The default value in the documentation is the value that it has when it’s unset/null.

Aha, so you mean, we cant see the default values.
Thanks @stgraber.

Right, that’s why they’re in the documentation.

Default values are usually burried quite deep in the LXD code and sometimes aren’t even as simple as a single value but a value dependent on your current setup.

So only the things you set are recorded and returned, the rest uses the defaults as documented with those occasionally changing as LXD evolves.

On top of reducing the amount of data you’d see in something like lxc config show, this also makes it much clearer what’s been set by the user and what’s not.

If we were to always return all config keys and when not set, show their default values, you’d be unable to actually tell what was set by the user and what wasn’t.

Thanks for the clarification, regards.