Access to Fan network from outside (LXD 3.14)


I’m running LXD in Vagrant (VirtualBox provider). I’ve set up a cluster with Fan networking and it seems to work fine. Containers start on the cluster, and I can access the containers from within the Vagrant VMs, and I can ping my laptops IP from within the LXD containers inside the Vagrant VMs.

I can’t access or ping the containers from my laptop however. How would I go about letting my laptop access the containers running inside the Vagrant VMs?

Also, can I configure LXD to use some other IP range than 240.x.x.x for the Fan network?

You can configure the overlay subnet through the network configuration.
fan.overlay_subnet I believe.

As for accessing the Fan overlay from other systems, if you share the underlay, then you can install and configure ubuntu-fan on another system, manually configuring it for the same overlay and underlay as is used on your cluster.

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Thanks for your reply @stgraber! How would I make the reverse possible? That is, how can I access my containers from my laptop, the same as my containers can access my laptop?

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That’s the second part of my response, you’ll need to install and configure ubuntu-fan on your laptop so it can access the fan. This can only work if your laptop happens to be on the same underlay as the LXD cluster though.

@gagarin0461 Hi, is your configuration with lxd containers inside vagrant successful now? Can you share your configuration steps? What kind of network declared in Vagrantfile ?