Add multiple USB devices with same PID/VID

Continuing on the following issue Adding multiple identical USB devices to different LXD instances

I have multiple usb devices with the same VID/PID on a VM with lxd running. Each one of those usb devices when connected will show as 3 usb points -> ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, ttyUSB2. This device is similar to a phone, so to get the modem functions (AT commands), I have to pass down the three ports as unix-char device. I use udev to manage port mapping.

The devices are capable of adb connection. To access adb I need to also pass them through as usb device. Since They all have the same VID/PID, I need a sollution to this. Also even if I have only one device plugged in and pass through the usb, udevadm info does not see all device information as seen in host. Is there a way to completely pass through a device to a container and retain all the funcitons possible on the host level.