Adding default remote


I want to create image server.
I added remote using ~/.config/lxc/config.yml
I created a script for generating config.yml with remote I need before installing lxd.
This way user doesn’t need to configure remotes with lxc remote add.
I can see my remote using lxc remote list.
But when I connect to remote I get a error:

Error: Get https://public_ip:8443/1.0: x509: certificate is valid for private_ip, not public_ip

When I use lxc remote add command everything works fine. But for me better to use config.yml.
Is there any way to solve this problem?


lxd 3.0.0

lxd 2.0.11

That’s because you’re missing the matching server certificate in ~/.config/lxc/servercerts

Thank you it worked.
I have another question.
How to create remote like “ubuntu” remote?
For example, if I’m going to use the method with config.yml I need to have certificate always in sync in case if remote change the certificate.
But how I understand it’s not the case when you use “ubuntu” remote.

Our public remotes (ubuntu, ubuntu-daily and images) all use valid TLS certificates so don’t need a copy of the certificate in servercerts.

I also fund how I can setup similar configuration (