Advanced filter use

Hi !
For my personal purposes, I’ve added a key on my containers’ configuration to know who is responsible for the app ran by each container. So far, so good.
Until now, I had only one person per container, so that I could easily list the containers belonging to one person with either lxc list user.admin=xxxx or via the rest api with something like 1.0/instances?recursion=1&filter=user.admin eq xxxx.
But things have changed and now I can have many persons responsible for one container.
So, I’ve update my config with something like user.admin=xxxx,yyyy,zzzz
Now that the background is here, this is what I’m wondering :

  1. lxc list user.admin=“yyyy” works fine and lists only the containers I want.
  2. get /1.0/instances?recursion=1&filter=user.admin eq “yyyy” yields an error (unterminated quote). I’ve tried with simple quotes, replaced * by % or by . .* + +* with no success.

How could I get the rest api respond the same as the lxc cli command does ? In the docs, it is written that the filter’s grammar respects (some of) the OData specifications, which is good. But is the whole specification available as per the version 4 which is the recommended one, or only the few operators listed on the doc ?
Thanks for your tips or comments, if anyhow I could achieve what I need using the REST api.

Looks like filtering is currently done client side (so its up to you)

Theres a issue to fix it here Use server-side filtering for CLI list commands · Issue #10013 · lxc/lxd · GitHub