Any article or tutorial on setting up fan networking on LXD 3.0

Until LXD 3.1 makes to stable channel for 3.0, is there any short tutorial on setting up mult-host networking with fan.

Tried installing 3.0 cluster on 3 nodes, the problem I am facing is, all the bridges have same IPV4 and IPV6 address. So I can’t set layer 3 routs using ip route command. VXlan also throws error.

Is there any way in 3.0 that all 3 nodes can have different IP address range working using local DHCP/DNS on the node and form a cluster.

I have worked with LXD 2.11 and Tinc VPN to setup multi-host network across different clouds. But since my setup is in a VPC I do not want to incur the overhead of tinc VPN encryption.

Note that LXD 3.0 in the stable channel does have that particular change applied to it.

I tried it and after trying to create fanbr0 gives an error which I raised in another discussion where you gave those comments. I think I need ot find a way to manage DHCP, DNS independent of LXD bridge as fan networking also doesn’t seem to work out of the box. I cannot use MAAS as I am tying to set it up on google cloud which only allow unicast IP address to instances in /32 not in /24 range.