Are there any plans to add cloud-init to the images provided at

As per the cloud-init docs on github and the tutorial from Simos, are there any plans to add cloud-init to the images provided at

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Not currently, no. The way this works varies quite a bit between Linux distributions and in some cases may cause slow downs as well as increase image sizes.

it’s plausible that we will start doing it on all distros, but I’d prefer to first have them all switched to building through distrobuilder before we attempt to do anything like this.

Cool, thanks for the update…

Thank you, @stgraber. Where I can get ubuntu images with cloud-init from? And how to change the source of image repository?

The container images from the repository ubuntu: have cloud-init.
The container images from the images: repository do not have cloud-init.

Last time I checked, even the Ubuntu container images from images: did not have cloud-init, so you had to use the Ubuntu images from ubuntu:.

The new tool distrobuilder which will be making the official container images for LXC/LXD at some point in the future can be hand-configured to create container images for a few containers now. There is an examples/ folder with sample configurations for a few distributions.


Yeah, thank you, will gonna check it!

I ran into the same problem, as I tried to provide a greater variety of distros to my users. Therefore I build a small script which converts cloud images (e.g. for openstack) to lxd compatible ones. You can find it at with configs for centos, debian and fedora. I’m also planing on letting an lxd instance running with public access to fetch the images from and an automated conversion process. But on the long term, I think distrobuilder is the better solution.

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