Authenticating to lxd as guest using RestAPI

I have a question regarding authenticating to lxd as guest. In the Lxd RestApi documentation it is indicated that there are 3 authentication types i.e trusted, untrusted and guest. Trusted and untrusted are working fine using mutual TLS authentication but i can’t figure out how i can authenticate to lxd as guest using the restAPI.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I responded to your e-mail a few hours ago.

For anyone wondering, guest isn’t something you’ll ever actually see in /1.0 and I’ve sent a PR to update the doc in that regard.

Basically we treat the three types as:

  • trusted => A trusted user accessing any LXD API
  • untrusted => An untrusted user accessing a private part of the API (gets rejects typically)
  • guest => An untrusted user accessing a public part of the API

Yes I have seen the email, thank you very much.