Best way to Retire a server that is not a database master

Might sound like a silly question but I have had bad luck with this in the past. The Cluster keeps looking for server that is no longer around. Can I just uninstall Snap LXD, ? and blow the ZFS


You will also need to lxc cluster remove --force <node name>.

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Thanks , it work great.
lxc cluster list on that server gives Error: LXD server isn’t part of a cluster as one might expect
but amazingly lxc list still give list of containers in cluster.
Which is fine… but it is either a bug or showing that it is still somehow connected.

Yes, it’s still connected, because nobody told it to disconnect. If you want it to disconnect from the cluster cleanly you need to use lxc cluster remove <node name> without the --force flag. If you do that, lxc list will return empty list after that. In order to use lxc cluster remove without the --force flag the node being removed must have no containers. There’s no bug here because if you use --force your essentially telling that the node being removed does not exist anymore and will not come back online. If it’s online, don’t use --force.