Bird BGP and LXD


I searched on the form but found nothing about it, I have the following problem:

VPS on which I have correctly configured Bird (BGP announce 194.50.X.0/24), I would like to use the IP prefixes inside the LXD containers.

I tried to use the br0 interface but it doesn’t seem to reach the gateway anyway.

Assuming that bird has advertised the prefix and now those IPs are routed to your LXD host, then you have a choice of how to use those public IPs in your containers:

  1. Create a new managed LXD bridge and assign the entire /24 subnet to it using lxc network create mynet ipv4.address=194.50.X.1/24. Your host should then route packets arriving at your VPS’s external interface for those addresses into the bridge. See and

  2. If you don’t want to allocate the entire subnet to LXD, and instead want to use individual static IPs, then take a look at the routed NIC type lxc config device add <container> eth0 nic nictype=routed ipv4.address=194.50.X.1 that adds static routes to the host for you automatically and doesn’t need an additional bridge. See