Bounty: I give up on proxomox uid/gid ranges for multi-container host

I’ve worked on this for a month, and I’ve read so many posts. I’m willing to just cave and pay for an experienced user to do what I cannot get my brain to do, as I cannot keep kicking this can forever.

Proxmox multi-container server. All containers are unprivileged. Of course I want non-overlapping id ranges, but I make this more confusing because there are two containers that elevate the same UID to match host UIDs. See the table here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Need 10x.conf lxc.idmap lines for u and g for each + the dreaded /etc/subuid /etc/subgid files for the whole solution.

PM me with what you would charge for solving this and I will pay by Paypal (only). After we get it done & paid for, I will contribute the solution back to the forum, so the solver’s solution becomes a gift to all.