Can I safely mount custom volume and use it on the host?

I’m currently using LVM.

lvchange --activate y --ignoreactivationskip /dev/lxd_vol/custom_default_custom
mount /dev/lxd_vol/custom_default_custom /mnt/custom

Is something like this completely safe?

Also: Can I enable its autoactivation and put it into /etc/fstab or will LXD deactivate it after each reboot?

What I want is to use a volume effectively as a local storage. It’s not supposed to be attached to any container (but could it be?). I’m a bit confused about what I can do here, to not break anything.

yeah, that should be perfectly fine to do that

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Thanks! Should I be careful with attaching volume to a container if it’s mounted on the host like that? Like, should I unmount it first to be safe?

No, for containers, it’s fine even if already mounted on the host. Linux is pretty smart about that.

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