Cannot change container size

I created container in my ZFS pool. And first time I was able to change its size by command:
lxc config device override webmin2 root size=30GB
but second time when I wan to change I get error:
Error: The device already exists

Could somebody help ? Thanks

lxc config device set webmin2 root size=30GB

The device override has to be used the first time as the config was coming from a profile. Once the override has been done once, the device is now local to the container and can be modified with config device set.

Yes, however small correction, command should looks like that:
lxc config device set webmin2 root size 30GB
… and its working :slight_smile: .

Thank you very much for help and greetings for all maintainers!

Hi Stephane,

i did a override and want to set a limit on a container. However its not working for me. still see the full storage.

i use btrfs. wat could be the problem?

btrfs does not show the quota in df -h despite it being enforced, that’s likely what you’re seeing here.