Can't delete snapshots which doesn't exist

lxc info is telling me this:

lxc info server
Name: server
Location: none
Remote: unix://
Architecture: x86_64
Created: 2019/06/08 03:40 UTC
Status: Running
Type: container
Profiles: default
Pid: 2571693
  eth0: inet     veth209be8be
  lo:   inet
  lo:   inet6   ::1
  Processes: 638
  CPU usage:
CPU usage (in seconds): 226
  Memory usage:
Memory (current): 3.14GB
Memory (peak): 3.21GB
Swap (current): 331.78kB
Swap (peak): 331.78kB
  Network usage:
  Bytes received: 817.22kB
  Bytes sent: 664.91kB
  Packets received: 4216
  Packets sent: 2386
  Bytes received: 87.16MB
  Bytes sent: 87.16MB
  Packets received: 26235
  Packets sent: 26235
  backup08062019 (taken at 2019/06/08 03:58 UTC) (stateless)
  debian-backup09062019 (taken at 2019/06/09 05:50 UTC) (stateless)
  snap-11-dec-2020 (taken at 2020/12/11 14:27 UTC) (stateless)

If I try to delete with lxc delete server/backup08062019
following appears:

lxc delete server/backup08062019
Error: not found

Is there a way to delete it? I can’t mount with snapd because it isn’t installed on my archlinux system…

Helped myself by:

sudo lxd sql global “DELETE FROM instances_snapshots WHERE name=‘debian-backup09062019’;”
sudo lxd sql global “DELETE FROM instances_snapshots WHERE name=‘backup08062019’;”

issue can be closed now.

Glad to hear you fixed it. I’d be interested to know where the actual snapshot went though, did you delete it manually at the storage layer?

I did delete them earlier … but there was some strange behaviour … a error occured there and then i looked into the storage layer and saw that the backups weren’t there anymore but still in the database.

I entered lxc delete before then it took a very long time and then it showed a error. but can’t tell you anymore which one this was… was a while ago…

OK thanks, if it does occur again please let us know.