CentOS 8 container

This appears to work:
lxc-create -t download -n test8 – -d centos -r 8 -a amd64
but when I start the container, even with “lxc.kmsg = 0” in config, “systemd-journal” uses 100% cpu. Static IPs also don’t seem to work, while DHCP does.

Anyone had more luck running CentOS 8 inside a container?

I don’t run centos much, but I have launched a few containers without any problems…

You can try to set static ip with this tool

[root@centos8 ~]# yum install NetworkManager-tui
[root@centos8 ~]# nmtui

Looks like the static IP issue was because CentOS 8 no longer supports “NM_CONTROLLED=no” in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

“lxc.kmsg = 0” in the container config prevents /dev/kmsg from being created as a symlink to /dev/console (which screws up systemd-journal). This got created somehow, maybe when I was troubleshooting the IP problem I started a new container without first modifying the config? I deleted the symlink, which solved the problem with an old container, and new ones don’t seem to have the problem, as long as I remember to edit the config before I ever start them.