Centos8 DHCP - No Hostname or DNS

I’ve read on here about various issues with networking with Centos8 images getting DHCP. As a workaround I was running dhclient as a cron job on restart and that would work for the container to get a DHCP address from an outside DHCP server (using macvlan).

But, I’ve switched to the cloud variant of centos8 and now the workaround is less reliable. It will still get a DHCP address, but now it won’t send the DHCP hostname to the DHCP server like it did before. I’ve also seen inconsistencies with it setting the /etc/resolv.conf files with the DNS servers from DHCP.

I’ve tried disabling cloud-init network setup:

 user.network-config: |
    config: disabled

But the issues still persist. Anyone have any luck with centos8 cloud and DHCP?