Ceph exclusive-lock for LXD clustered containers

Ran into an issue on LXD 3.0.1 where it looks like I hit a database inconsistency error.

Resulted in a container having its RBD mapped on multiple hosts and ext4 corruption occurred from what I assume is it being mounted multiple times and the journal getting yanked around when the second host tried to boot a container it shouldn’t have had access to.

I noticed that RBD images created by LXD don’t enable exclusive-lock and I’m curious as to why. I have manually toggled it on to prevent future errors like this and have noticed no problems (apt based LXD w/ ceph mimic.)

If shared volumes in the future would be hosted on Ceph I could see this posing a problem, but at least an official setting for a container/storage pool would be nice as the LXD docs deters the manual manipulation of Ceph pools used by LXD.