Clone host, launch it as an image

Here is the challenge,
is there any way to clone my host installation and then launch it in a container as an image?
(the work is on a Odroid,eMMC)

I am not aware of a tool that would automatically pick and choose the services of the host that you need, and put them in a container. It certainly is doable and probably someone will do this in the future.

If you were to move the services yourself, you would need to take an inventory of the (network) services of the host that you need to copy them into the container. If you can make such a list, it would be possible to help out. Generally, you can replicate the services in the container one by one and test that they work. It would be very efficient to do that since both installations are on the same machine.

I’m working on a physical machine to container migration tool, though how well this will work will very much depend on a system by system basis.

I’m planning to present this tool at FOSDEM in February so should have ti written and working by then :slight_smile:

Until then, creating a minimal container and rsyncing over it tends to be the easiest way to go.