I have written a cloudconfig-lxd utility that configures LXD containers by applying

cloud-config files, in the format used by cloud-init, using the LXD API.

It does not require that the guest OS has cloud-init installed.

It can be used as a Go library or as an executable.

I use it both ways, and I’ve converted my container configuration procedures to this.

Supported cloud-init features

The following cloud-init modules (sections) are supported and applied in this order:

  • packages

  • write_files (only plain text, without any encoding)

  • users

  • runcmd

Standalone Usage

cloudconfig-lxd apply [-ostype <ostype>] -i <instance> <cloud-config-file>...

Visit the project page for more details:

I hope the instructions are clear. Let me know if anything needs clarification.

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