Container Config sticky with image


Hello, Hope all are well

I have encountered a little issue and was wondering if lxd had its own way of storing the config file with an image made by the user. So when I publish the image I want it to also grab the config file that has CPU limits and all so that the user would only need to launch the container and not need to set up extra config manually. Would that be possible?


No, we on purpose do not allow images to include configuration as we want to allow you pull and use any image you want without having to first inspect it to know if it’s going to execute code on your host or modify files outside of the container.

One feature request we do have open is the ability for a LXD user to tie a profile to an image after the fact.
So once the image is in the local image store you could set an attribute on it indicating what profiles to use instead of the default profile when a new container is launched from it.

Perfect that what i needed. did not know i could set that up with profiles.
Thanks @stgraber !!