Containers without connection

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I write this post because after much turning I do not finish seeing why the containers have no communication, that is, from the containers abroad (for example, Debian repositories) and also from machines in the same range on the ESXi hosts to the containers have arrived, I leave a capture with several parts of the configuration.

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This comes up quite often as an issue, its almost certainly due to the VMWare NIC not being configured to allow multiple MAC addresses. So its likely to need to be changed in the VMWare config for that VM.

And how exactly is it done in Vsphere 6.7U2?

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I’m afraid I do not know, but I would imagine it would be in the network card settings in VMWare. Most likely something to do with either promiscuous mode or MAC filtering. Look for how to allow multiple MACs on a network card.

Take a look at Vmware host on lxdbr0 bridge this might give you some pointers in the right direction as sounds similar issue.

Also this article Promiscuous mode required for mac-vlan in VMWare?

Do you know if you match the MAC of the LXD hosts with those of VMWare can it work?


The problem is that you’re trying to bridge the VM guest’s interface to another bridge inside the VM, that in turn has one or more containers connected to it each with their own MAC addresses.

Often times the hypervisor will restrict the VM from sending packets from MAC addresses aside from the single MAC address that belongs to the VM guest.

Alternatively what can happen is that without enabling promiscuous mode, the VM guest will only get packets destined for its own MAC address and will not be able to get packets for containers running on it.

Thank you very much for your help tomp, I have opened an issue to VMWare to see if they give me any ideas I post it here, greetings!

Cool, let us know what they say here as could be useful to others in the future. Thanks

Good, I have taken but I answer, VMWare’s answer is basically what you have told me, so in the end what I did was route the traffic in a different segment and use a bridge.


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