Contianer Stopped

Really odd issue I have not been able to find a log of. One of my containers stopped last night with no traceable explanation. My colleague said he was on it and his terminal said shutting down and cut him off. I had to manually start it back up.

Can anyone point me where to look?

I have had a look at:

lxc console --show-log container-01

Though it gives no time of the events so I cannot rely on what I see. Plus it is only the start up logs.

Anything useful in lxd.log?

I don’t appear to have one.
Assuming it should be in /var/log/lxd/lxd.log
I don’t even appear have a /var/log/lxd directory.
Am i looking in the wrong place?

This happened 5 minutes prior to it stopping but that is the only lxd.daemon event in the syslog around that time…

Jun 14 23:35:29 lxd01 lxd.daemon[24003]: t=2020-06-14T23:35:29+0000 lvl=warn msg="Detected poll(POLLNVAL) event."

I’m not sure it’s relevant.