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Hello all,

We are 2 students at the University of Texas at Austin taking a class on Virtualization. We have been assigned a project, due at the end of the semester (mid-December), in which we need to make a contribution to an open-source project relating to some form of Virtualization.

What are some issue that need resolving that could reasonably be done in that time span (~2 months)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey you might want to add more details like what programming languages you can code in ETC

Hi, quite happy to see more contributions coming out of the virtualization class from University of Texas at Austin!

A couple of other groups from that particular class have reached out to me already and I’ve provided some pointers on interesting LXD issues that would be good candidates.

To make organizing this a bit easier and avoid having multiple groups accidentally working on the same issues, I’ll post a longer reply to this thread with a list of candidate issues I’ve provided in the past and indicate which have already been taken.

Opportunistic issues (no deadline currently set):

Issue on our current roadmap (deadline for those is end of October):

Issue early on next roadmap (deadline for those is end of January)

I’ve sorted those lists in what would be our (upstream) order of preference for those based on how useful we feel each of those would be to our users. I’ve also indicated which have been assigned to UT Austin students already. The Knowledge field attempts to quickly describe the areas affected by the issue and knowledge that would be acquired by working on it.

Once you decide to work on one of those issues, have every one of your team members comment in the associated Github issue so we can assign the issue to your group. That will also signal us that we should provide as many details as we can think of in the issue to try and make your life a bit easier :slight_smile:

Feel free to directly reach out to me with any question you may have: stgraber at ubuntu dot com

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