Data migration in lxd-p2c


There was 300GB of data in the server’s external storage (lvm).
When performing lxd-p2c on this server, should external storage data be moved only to the storage pool of lxd?

I tried to vgimport and mount in the container through “syscall intercept”, but it failed.

If it is btrfs or zfs, not lvm, is it possible to transfer data using “syscall intercept”?

In Korea, centos is mostly used, and lvm is used rather than btrfs.

Thank you.

The best analog for that would be LXD custom volumes, you may want to create one of those per LV, attach them to the container, then manually transfer the data from the source using rsync.

Thank you @stgraber

The reason I tried to vgimport using syscall intercept is because I want to migration large data quickly.

And lxd storage pool is also included in the reason that it cannot connect to other nodes.

anohter one question.

how to p2v(physical or vm to lxd vm) migration?