Death of Red Hat clones

My main use case for using LXD is using Rocky Linux containers as test environments for automated testing of server software that is deployed on RHEL in production. They are so fast I can spin up a new set of containers for each test suite. It works brilliantly!

Now with the recent changes announced by Red Hat ( it seems they are wanting to kill off the clones such as Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, etc.

For me this means I’ll no longer be able to use LXD containers to quickly spin up RHEL like test environments. Is anyone else in this boat and considering their options?

I’ve tried the Red Hat provided OCI images in the past. I can import the rootfs into. LXD container, but when it starts there is no networking.

The only thing I can think of is using a Red Hat subscription to create a LXD VM using an ISO, saving this as a LXD VM image. I’m not sure if the subscription will still work if that image is then launched as multiple VM instances. But I’d rather avoid VMs if possible.