Default storage pool on a LVM lv - where is it mounted?

I am running an LXD host on an ubuntu 20.04 cloud server which has 40GiB of virtual HD.
There is an LVM setup with one logical volume of 20GiB assigned to LXD for the default storage pool (btrfs).

not being experienced with LVM yet too much I am wondering how that mechanic actually works

  • on the fs hierarchy the containers and images are located in /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/…`
  • the logical volume is /dev/vg0/lxdPool
  • a btrfs fi show returns /dev/mapper/vg0/lxdPool

so I would expect this device /dev/mapper/vg0/lxdPool has to be mounted in some sort, doesn’t it?
Despite that expectation a ‘mount | grep vg0’ only shows /dev/mapper/vg0-root being mount at /

can anybody shine some light on this? I am trying to get a hold on the mechanics.

My answer in your other post should help.