DNS stopped working (lxd 4.0 snap on debian/ubuntu 20.04)

Both in previously fine containers and in any new containers I create external DNS has stopped working.

Networking config is as default afaik (lxdbr0 bridge) and dnsmasq is running, handing out IPs and resolving names for the containers themselves. However, unless I manually fiddle with /etc/resolv.conf or /etc/systemd/resolv.conf I can’t resolve any global domain names. This was not the case before.

It was all working fine a few days ago and I can see this problem on both a debian 10 host and an ubuntu 20.04. Both are running the snap version on the 4.0 channel.

I notice that 4.0.1 was released recently (2020-06-02) - could there have been a breaking change introduced to the lxd dnsmasq config? In addition to silently updating stuff behind my back snap doesn’t seem to keep any proper logs or CHANGES files or anything else grown-ups might want.

Consider writing a bug report on github: https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues

Is dnsmasq running on your system?

ps aux | grep dnsmasq

Also, please show output of iptables-save as this is often caused by an unexpected firewall change.