Documentation too narrow (literally)


while looking through the documentation, e.g. at, I noticed that the tables are cut off, especially the “description” column usually ends up hidden. This is because the .wy-nav-contant CSS class has a max-width property of 800px. Deleting this property (e.g. with Firefox Inspector) makes the whole table show up. Would it be possible to make such a change to the documentation’s official CSS? Thanks!

I don’t know that we can control the CSS used by readthedocs.
Though here I do have horizontal scrolling working fine on those tables, isn’t that the case for you?

Hi Stéphane,

yes, horizontal scrolling by shift + mouse-wheel is working but I find it very cumbersome to continuously scroll left and right. Unfortuantely the readthedocs theme overrides cursor-left/right with jumping to the next entry in the ToC.

But as I understand this can only be fixed in readthedocs so I’ll mark this as “solved” here. Thanks.