Does process creation within an LXD container have much overhead?


I have an existing Virtual Machine host (managed outside of LXD). One of the internal apps on that VM creates about 10 processes per 2 seconds. This appears to not put excessive additional load on the VM.

I am trying to move the functionality of that VM to an LXD container. When I run up the internal app within the container, I see the CPU load on the host sky-rocket within seconds.

Is there any impact of creating processes within the containers that I should be managing or should I be looking elsewhere for another cause of this load?


It shouldn’t no. As far as the kernel is concerned, it’s just another process.

Thanks @stgraber!

I have no idea what the problem was, but I ran up a new container deployed in a similar manner and don’t seem to see the issue.

I queried the problem over at the other applications GitHub - - but I don’t think they will persue.

I will leave the container around for a little while in case you wanted to diagnose if there was an underlying LXD issue but otherwise, I am happy to move on…