Each test case run on a separate container

Hello All,

It is very general question but because I have never used containers in my environment I am thinking about deployment them if it met my requirements.

Use case looks like that, I am running thirty test cases on my VM one by one when the new code change is pushed by the developer. It takes from several hours to several days, it depends on test scenarios.

Now, is it possible to create thirty containers and trigger those thirty test cases simultaneously on a each applicable container? So one test case is supposed to be run on one container. Then I guess all of them should finished until the longest one is finished.

In perfect world it should be automated, so each the driver code change triggers to run those thirty test cases on their containers.

Tell that it is possible :slight_smile: and even it is not so difficult to configure.


You can make that kind of automation with different tools you may use ansible or you can copy the changed code to other clients with rsync with bash scripting should solve that environment.

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+1 this, should be easy in containers or VM’s!

Each Test Case can not conflict with another, so for example if the first one (who is run on the first container) disable offload on NIC and run ping then check output/dmesg etc. the same time the second Test Case (who is run on the second container) check MTU sizes supported by the network driver from the lowest to the highest and again run ping on all of those sizes. It means that each test case must have tested NIC exclusively, test cases can not overlapped themselves or excluded.

Is it still possible with containers? How easy?