Error: Could not create snapshot LV named dev-1 and Error: UNIQUE constraint failed:

On LXD 3.2, for some reason I am getting following error while creating a creating container:

lxc init bionic-container dev-1 -p default -p dev-1 -s default -c security.privileged=true -c security.nesting=true
Error: UNIQUE constraint failed: storage_volumes.storage_pool_id, storage_volumes.node_id,, storage_volumes.type
Error: Could not create snapshot LV named dev-1

I also tried removing hyphen (-) from container name, based on one discussion, but didn’t help. Thoughts?

Strange part is that it worked 1st time, but failed on repeated execution of (container creation) script. I validated these errors with manual steps too for consistency sake.

Btw, I just switched from 3.0.1 to LXD (snap) 3.2 to see if new LXD resolves issues from LXD 3.0.1. To make sure there is no conflict, I purged old version of apt LXD ( along with manually deleting storage, profile and network) and initialized snap LXD from scratch. No migration was done.

With LXD 3.0.1, I also started facing issue where IP address was not getting assigned (worked 1st few times but later stopped assigning one)