Error starting lxd after migration

After migration from deb to snap at Ubuntu 20.04, lxd doesn’t start with error:

DBUG[09-14|08:04:36] Initializing and checking storage pool “storage”
DBUG[09-14|08:04:36] Mount started driver=dir pool=storage
DBUG[09-14|08:04:46] Mount finished driver=dir pool=storage
EROR[09-14|08:04:46] Failed to start the daemon: Failed initializing storage pool “storage”: Failed to mount “/var/lib/snapd/hostfs/storage/lxc/” on “/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/storage” using “none”: no such file or directory

How can I completely remove this storage pool? Directory /var/lib/snapd/hostfs is empty.

How did you perform the migration?

During release upgrade (from Ubuntu 18.04)

Did you perform a lxd.migrate?

See How to migrate LXD from DEB/PPA package to Snap package – Mi blog lah!

lxd doesn’t start so i cannot connect to destination instance.

besides, problem is this happened automatically during do-release-upgrade and I cannot postpone it.

Can you create a directory called /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/storage and then reload LXD using:

sudo systemctl reload snap.lxd.daemon

If that allows you to start LXD then you can remove the storage pool using:

lxc storage delete storage