Failed to join cluster: This server is already clustered (After --force removal)

Hi All,

I have deleted a server with --force from a cluster.
I’m trying to add the server back to the cluster with a fresh install, but this is no longer possible.

Failed to join cluster: This server is already clustered.

How can I fix this?

If you get that error, the server that you are adding is definitely not “fresh”. Please wipe it and try again.

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It’s a new machine with new storage, same name, same IP. (Second try)
I will reinstall the new node, to be sure. The node status is unclustered.

I hope this helps, but since it is a new machine… I’ll let you know.

The storage config went wrong the first time, so the node was not properly added to the cluster.
For everyone else with this issue, clear and start lxd init again. Thanks Free, saves me a lot of time.