Failed to run: resize2fs


Can someone explain to me, why I run into this error with enough free disk space?
The machine has 30gig ext4 and the lvm storage pool has 20gig allocated.

“Create instance from image: Failed to run: resize2fs /dev/primary/containers_lxc8314fa72 1250000K: resize2fs 1.44.1 (24-Mar-2018)
resize2fs: New size smaller than minimum (314928)”

Using Ubuntu 20.04 with LXD 4.0 via snapd.

Can you give us some more details?

What exactly do you try to do and what image or container are you using?

Also this "New size smaller than minimum (314928)” indicates that you try to set a too small size.
Maybe its given in bytes or something, take a look at the specifics.

Well, the problem seems to be anything below 1.3GB is not enough for a tiny centos instance.