Failed to start LXD - agent - 9p mount


When starting centos 8.2 (vm), the following error occurs.
How can I solve it?
This error did not occur in the centos 8.1 version.



Thank you

I noticed that too on a test system. There are no fix other than downgrading your kernel to the previous release.

The issue is that the 9p kernel module has disappeared from the latest kernel…
Would you mind filing a bug against CentOS to have them correct this?

Thank you @stgraber.

I have one question.

I think there is no way if 9p doesn’t mount is a kernel issue. (At least at this point…)

In initial settings, i know that ubuntu account create and set a password. (Aren’t ubuntu a password for your ubuntu account?)

Why can’t I log in with my ubuntu account?
(Isn’t this also related to the 9p mount?)


On centos 8, it seems that the 9p file system cannot be mounted.
Set the initial password for root in centos.yaml, and use it via ssh.

Please see the picture below.

In the picture above, To use 9p, kernel-plus was used.