Failed unmounting unit

got a lxd running samba3, map zfs dataset from host to the container, if I turn on the machine and turn it off without right after, it shuts down fast. but if access the samba shares from other pc, then turn it off, got this error:

[FAILED] Failed unmounting Mount Unit for lxd, revision 10343


We’d probably need a much more detailed shutdown log to try and figure out why systemd couldn’t unmount that. A full journalctl output for that particular shutdown sequence may contain enough clues.

will have this log reported when the problem comes back, it seems go away, what I observe is:

I add a host folder to the container running samba3, without setting any permission, I can see the files from other pc, those existing files have 65534.65534, inside the container it shows as nobody.nogroup, but later I can’t update the files other pc, so I go back to the host, set all the files owner as 1065534.1065534, now I can update, a few hours later when i shutdown the pc, that ‘UNMOUNTING’ issue did not show up. so far so good