Fan network on /8

I’m trying to deploy an LXD cluster, that uses a fan network, in the cloud. The nodes i am deploying on all exist within a private network (so one node could be and another could be LXD doesnt appear to support anything other than a /16 or /24, would there be any way to implement a fan network or is it a lost cause?

Can you provide a bit more information please. I am unclear what the issue is, and what you are referring to by “LXD doesnt appear to support anything other than a /16 or /24”?

When you go through the setup steps for an LXD cluster, you get prompted to enter the underlay subnet for the fan network. This can only be either /16 ( or /24 ( In my case, the actual underlying subnet is /8 (, so i am unable to create a fan network.

I see now thanks. This is due to how the fan network system maps the overlay addresses to underlay address for routing.

Can you make the subnet smaller, or do you have a need that justifies /8 subnet size?

I dont get a say in the subnet, its just what i get from the cloud provider. Luckily I’ve discovered they allow you to make your own L2 network, so i can just add a /24 IP address to the interface and use that for each LXD member.