Fastest Local File Transfer Method


I’m very new to lxc, lxd, and networking in general. I’m trying to find the fastest way to transfer files between multiple containers running on the same host machine (connected via veth with lxdbr0).

So far, I’ve tried two methods:

  • mounting the container directories to a host directory (in read + write mode)
  • linking container directories to each other via a storage volume

To test the speed of the file transfer, I would create a new file in one of the containers’ directories, and use the ‘stat directory_name’ on all linked directories to see if there were any differences in the ‘Modify’ or ‘Change’ time stamps.

For both of the aforementioned methods, the Change and Modify time stamps were always the exact same for every connected directory I checked.

Is my timing method wrong? Are these files ready to be opened in multiple different containers at the exact millisecond I create them?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!