Forum mail configuration

The mail setup for this forum is somewhat broken:

The sending ip 2602:fc62:a:1003:216:3eff:fea3:3fe is not included in the SPF record:

% host -t txt descriptive text "v=spf1"
% host -t txt descriptive text "v=spf1 ip4: ip6:2602:fd23:8:1001:216:3eff:feb3:6927 ip6:2602:fd23:8:1002:216:3eff:fe9a:b0f9 ip6:2602:fd23:8:1003:216:3eff:fea3:3fe ~all"

There is a typo in the PTR record for 2602:fc62:a:1003:216:3eff:fea3:3fe

% host 2602:fc62:a:1003:216:3eff:fea3:3fe domain name pointer

This should probably be postfix03.

One for @stgraber

Doh, that one got last in the re-addressing a few months back, record updated now, will take a couple hours to propagate.