Give lxd container or vm prio

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I have question. Is it possible to priorize the hardware available to a container or vm. So that that vm gets first resources avaible?

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Chris Kruijntjens

Depends on what resource you are talking about. For CPUs, disk I/O and networking you can set priority for containers – Linux Containers - LXD - Has been moved to Canonical I also suggested they add CPU-priority for VMs, but that isn’t (yet?) available.

For the io.

Is there default a io cap? or is the io truputh unlimit?
I experience some io slownes

…you could look at the link I gave you.

i did.

I read about the profiles. But is there somehow a hidden cap for the io?

sorry. my bad. i see the table.

thank you

No, there is no “hidden cap” for anything. The default priority is 5 and unless you have a profile with a different one or set it specifically for a container, then all the containers have the same priority and basically all of them can get as much I/O as they want.

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