Has anyone ever produced a training doc comparing config customization of lxc vs for lxd

There are many lxc v1 (re non-lxd) users and lxd is also gaining new users every day.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of guides/examples of how to edit the config for an lxc v1 container and there are a few that discuss how to edit an lxd container.

But for learning/training purposes was there ever any blog that showed an example of how to take lxc v1 config statements and convert them to the equivalent (or variant) lxd config statements?

This would be useful for those wanting to take their original lxc customization config knowledge and migrate to the lxd environment.

It would also be useful to those new to lxd, as folks tend to learn by following examples, and perhaps some of those examples are for lxc v1 & not lxd.

Maybe something like this already exists so thought I’d ask?

Found part of the answer to my question in an earlier post on the forum