Has "lxc init" been deprecated?


When I want to create an lxd container without starting it, “lxc init” does the job.

However: “lxc --help” does not show this command, nor does “man lxc”, and there’s no “lxc-init” manpage.

Has this command been deprecated, and if so, what’s the preferred replacement? I checked “lxc launch” but I can’t see a flag which means “don’t start”

I am using lxd 3.0.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 (stock from Ubuntu 18.04).



no, but lxc --help shows this:

–all Show less common commands

Ah, thank you.

--- a	2019-09-22 19:28:02.410255640 +0100
+++ b	2019-09-22 19:28:05.161555546 +0100
@@ -19,13 +19,18 @@
   help        Help about any command
   image       Manage images
   info        Show container or server information
+  init        Create containers from images
   launch      Create and start containers from images
   list        List containers
+  manpage     Generate manpages for all commands
+  monitor     Monitor a local or remote LXD server
   move        Move containers within or in between LXD instances
   network     Manage and attach containers to networks
   operation   List, show and delete background operations
+  pause       Pause containers
   profile     Manage profiles
   publish     Publish containers as images
+  query       Send a raw query to LXD
   remote      Manage the list of remote servers
   rename      Rename containers and snapshots
   restart     Restart containers