[Help] Newbie question about container configuration

Hey new guy here trying to understand how LXC works.
When creating a container is there an option/ file that you can specify which requirements you want the envirenment to have and wich source code to run ? Like a docker file

otherwise how do you deploy an application on a LXC container?

LXC should be seen as a complete VM, not just an application container like docker.
You can launch a container and do your aaplication installation, publish it as image and then launch new containers from it as new application container alike. LXC just behaves more like a real machine than docker does. So for me it’s better :wink:

Still missing a LXD hub for premade images like the docker hub though…Sometimes I just peek at the docker hub and convert the Docker file into one to do the same for LXD…

There are some automation tools that have also support for LXD (like Ansible, Vagrant).
If you are familiar with those, then you can use them.

Also, you can use cloud-init to launch containers with specific configuration.
See https://blog.simos.info/how-to-preconfigure-lxd-containers-with-cloud-init/ to get an idea how that works.

You can get a similar experience with Docker and Dockerfiles, by using distrobuilder. It’s a new tool for LXC/LXD and allows to generate container images based on stock images. There is a container description file that describes how to put together the container image. To have an idea how these work, have a look at https://blog.simos.info/how-to-create-a-minimal-container-image-for-lxc-lxd-with-distrobuilder/
The toolchain is there to create a hub of containers images for LXC/LXD.