How can I get further guide about console websocket

Hi, I POST to /1.0/instances/{name}/console and get response successfully. I can get operationId and data websocket secret and control websocket secret from this response.

And then I connect /1.0/operations/{id}/websocket?secret=xxx using websocket protocol,I connect to data web socket and control web socket successfully. But I don’t know how to send data to the control websocket and get response from data websocket. Cloud anyone share the details schema of request and response to me? I spent a lot of time looking for documents but can not found further guide about this.

Thanks in advance~

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What language?

afaik you just send the raw binary data of whatever you want to send through the console socket


Hi, are you suggesting that I do like this? I have tried to send command such as “pwd” to control socket.
But I can not get any response from data socket. :joy: I guess I should send data to control socket with specified schema.

I’m not entirely sure how in Java, but in JS the data needs to be enclosed in Buffer.from().

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