How to access containers from internet?

So, I have 4 LXD containers in my host. I will have these containers tied to 4 individual users.
My question: How can user 1 access container 1, user 2 access container 2, etc.?

Right now the containers can access (ping) the internet. All other networking is working. I just need to know how users could access their own containers.



It would seem that you are actually asking 2 different questions.

As to connecting to specific containers from the internet if you see the topic 'Another ‘networking issue’ I would thing that the information given to me would likely work well for you as well.

Now if you want to limit user one to ‘only’ accessing container #1 (etc) then I think you might be getting into some firewall very specific rules. I cannot help you with that specific information but I have looked into it a wee bit (for my own purposes) and it would seem that if the user is limited to one particular mode of connection - - - ie always just using one particular machine then I would think specifying a specific mac address as the originator for the connection request might enable some fairly tight security (included with say double level authentication and good complex passwords.