How to change profile used by a container snapshot?

I tried to make all the container using non-default profile, so I edit them one by one and replacing the profile set in their config, however this doesn’t affect to container snapshots for some reason, after saving the config the profile resets to default:

lxc config edit snapcraft-template-18/clean
lxc config show snapcraft-template-18/clean

PS. The storage pool these containers are using is not available ATM, that’s why I want to move them away from the default profile in the first place

The problem even bothers me when I cannot even delete those snapshots…:

$ lxc delete snapcraft-template-18/clean
Error: no such file or directory


You can assign a profile to a container, and you can do that with lxc profile assign ....

Regarding the second question, can you run the appropriate command to show the available snapshots.