How to configure and use a VLAN switch in an LXD cluster environment?

I have successfully set up a LXD cluster with OVN according to the tutorial.
The my-ovn network works fine.

I am no looking for a way to add a “VLAN-Switch” with some untagged ports and a trunk port and use these ports in different containers.

I created a switch with ovn-nbctl.
However, I was not able configure nic-devices that use this switch with a VLAN.

Can anybody help?

Found these posts very helpful in understanding the split between ovn-nbctl and ovs-vsctl:

I’ll make my way …


LXD’s OVN integration doesn’t support VLANs currently.
If you perform manual OVN configuration changes your changes may break LXD’s setup or LXD may alter your setup later, so its not recommended.

Please can you describe the why around your request?