How to connect to previously set up containers

Set up a group of containers in lxd running in snap on Debian stretch. Had some major issues so as part of that I un-installed snap. So I re-installed, initially not able to, but after a code modification I was able to complete the re-installation. As my thinking on how to use lxd has changed I wanted to have a much larger space for my containers so I chose to not re-use the previous container space.

How do I transfer those container spaces to the new area so that the previous containers are available for use?
(If this is unclear please ask and I will try to describe differently!!)


I do not have a full answer for this as I have not tried it yet.

I think the main direction is that you can add storage, therefore get the new bigger storage and at the same time keep the old one.

Show us the output of the following in order to see what is the current storage situation.

lxc storage list

You can use lxc storage commands to add the extra storage.
Then, it would be an issue of ZFS commands to move from one source to another.

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Please note that I am using btrfs for my storage ‘construction’ (don’t know what its called!), both previously and presently.

$ lxc storage list
| NAME | DESCRIPTION | DRIVER |                 SOURCE                  | USED BY |
| lxd2 |             | btrfs  | /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/disks/lxd2.img | 9       |


/media/memyself$ ls
lxd.1  lxd2  lxd.2

When there was only one storage pool there was only ‘lxd’ listed in this folder.
Now that there are two storage pools - - - well you can see the present setup.


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