How to export LXC container as image/tarball

LXD have cli command to publish LXC container as image.
If there are solution to export LXC container as image or tarball ?
Or how to setup LXC image server ? Like

You should check the lxc image export command.

When you run lxd init, it asks if you want LXD to be accessible remotely.
By doing so, your LXD installation is just like

Run also
lxc remote list
and read

lxc image xxx is LXD container/image command. I want to use LXC container instead of LXD container.

I think you’re talking about LXD instance, but I wanted is LXC instance. Or I have misunderstanding for LXC/LXD container?

Indeed, the ‘lxc’ command is for LXD only.
What you are trying to do, are already available in LXD. The purpose of LXD is to make easier the tasks of LXC 1.0.
I cannot help with LXC 1.0.

Hi Simos,
How about LXC 2.0 ?