How to lxd import container other target

1、container in one node(node1)
2、zfs send -i snap1 snap2 | ssh node2 zfs recv ***
3、zfs set mountpoint=/var/lib/lxd/storage_pool/zfspool/**** zfspool/****(node2)
4、shutdown the node1
5、lxd import *** --force(node2)

lxc storage list
Previous data also exist
how to clean up? thank you for your reply

Any particular reason you’re not using lxc export <instance> <file> and then lxc import <file>?

thank you for your reply.I m trying the node down to restore the way, Restore without mirroring

lxd import has been replaced with an interactive lxd recover command in more recent versions of LXD so it is advisable not to depend on lxd import for workflows for future proofing reasons.

ok,thank you .What the updates of the new version?